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1. A professional repellent that effectively repels various pestssuch as mice, bats, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleasgeckos, spiders,etc

2. The principle of electronic rodent control: Each animal'snervous system will develop aversion and distress towards acertain frequency band. The electronic rodent repellent useshigh-tech technology to generate frequency pulses insensitive bands of pests such as mosquitoes, mice, andcockroaches, attacking their nervous system and hearingmaking them unable to survive, thus achieving the goal ofrodent repellent!

3. Pure physical mosquito control is environmentally friendlyand fast in effect. The repellent is designed and developed forthe frequency of all pests, so there is no need to worry aboutit affecting pets or people. lt can be used with peace of mindand is harmless for pregnancy and infants


Productname:Ultrasonic mosquito repellent

Rated voltage:AC90-250(V)

Product material:ABS

Rated power:5W

Product color:Ivory white

Operating voltage:AC 90V-250V/50HZ

Output frequency:25kHz -85kHz

Effective coverage range:80-120m2(open land)

Matters Needing Attention:

1. This machine should be installed at a distance of 20-80centimeters from the ground, and it is required to beinserted into a power socket perpendicular to the ground

2. The installation point should avoid sound-absorbingmaterials such as carpets and curtains as much as possibleto prevent the reduction of sound pressure from reducingthe sound range and affecting the insect repellent effect;

3.If there is a significant increase in activities such as miceand pests during the first few davs of use, it is a normalphenomenon.Because the mice and insects that usuallhide in their nests are attacked bv ultrasound andelectromagnetic waves, and they flee their original hidingplaces one after another:

4.This device is directly plugged into an AC mains socket foruse(voltage range: AC90V-250V,frequency: 50HZ-60Hz)

5.Attention: moisture-proof and waterproof;

6.Do not use strong solvents, water, or a damp cloth toclean the body. Please use a dry and soft cloth dipped insome neutral detergent to clean the body;

7. Do not drop this machine or subject it to strong impact;

8.Operating environment temperature: 0-40 degreesCelsius;

9. If placed in a warehouse or storage area, or on a floor withmultiple rooms, multiple machines should be placed toincrease effectiveness.


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