Universal Car Dent Puller Metal T Dent Repair Tool Auto Repair Sheet Metal Kit Slide Hammer Reverse Hammer Glue +18pcs Glue Pull

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43 Pcs Set :
1x T Bar Tools
20x Short Blue Tabs(5 Sizes)
10x Glue stick (5 yellow and 5 black)
4 x Long Blue Tabs (2 Sizes)
2 x holder   (2 Sizes)
2x Shovel
1x Towel
1x Glue gun(220V EU Plug / 110V US Plug)
1x Alcohol Bottle(Alcohol  not included)
1x The Instruction

24 Pcs Set:
20x Short Blue Tabs(5 Sizes)
2x Shovel
1x Towel
1x T Bar Tools

27 Pcs Set:
20x Short Blue Tabs(5 Sizes)
4 * Long Blue Tabs (2 Sizes)
2 * holder   (2 Sizes)
1x T Bar Tools

6 Pcs Set:
4 x Long Blue Tabs (2 Sizes)
2 x holder   (2 Sizes)

This Paintless Dent Repair T-Bar puller is a lightweight glue tab pulling tool, meant to be used when repairing pressure dents and any dent that isn't sharp or creased.
The tension puller works well with a tap down hammer when pulling large dents.
It's very easy to control, everyone can removal the dent easily by yourself.

1. Slide hammer is more powerful for dent repair, conquer big dent.
2. The principle is making glue tabs stick on the dent and use tools pulling the tabs and lift the dent.
3. Big dent needs slide hammer or puller; small dent needs mini dent lifter or pulling bridge.
4. Different tabs for different dent lifter or the Slide hammer, works with all glue pullers.
5. Use a slide hammer or dent lifter or any pulling tools lift the dent, try many times.

How to use:
1.Clean the dent with a clean wet cloth;
2.Mount the glue stick into the glue gun, pull the trigger to let the glue stick enter into the glue gun, connect the power source and preheat for 5 minutes;
3.Use a proper drawing gasket. Large dent requires a large drawing gasket.
4. Pull the trigger and apply the drawing gasket with extruded glue;
5. Fast place the drawing gasket with hot melt glue at the center of dent, press lightly until the glue cures and adheres;
6. Align the T-shaped repairer and press the drawing gasket with hot melt glue, pull the sliding rod backwards to pull up the dent;
7. Check with a Line board. If dent still exists, knock it slightly with a flattening hammer or pen;
8. Clean the repaired place with a clean wet cloth.

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